I have a passion for problem solving and for teaching others what I have learned. I learned it all the hard way and want to help you avoid having to learn in the School of Hard Knocks. There’s an easier way to do it, my 7-step system you learn once and then use the rest of your life. The more you use the Personal Power Roadmap, the easier it gets.

The same system you learn for dealing with one problem can be used on other problems. In fact, you can use it to avoid problems and to plan the life you want. Rather than just accept the life you have, you can create a new one in a systematic way.

I will work with you on your Roadmap if you get stuck in the process. But you need to show me that you are using the 7-step Personal Power Roadmap system. Just send an email with your Personal Power Roadmap chart and explain as clearly as you can where you are stuck and why (if you know).

I will get back to you quickly. This initial consultation is free, no strings attached. I hold what you tell me in strict confidence. Email me at