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The Personal Power Roadmap: The Ultimate 7 Step System to Effectively Solve Problems, Make Decisions, and Reach Your Goals

A+ Information, A+ Delivery

I respect the author’s succinct delivery, and well planned structure directly aimed at quick absorption and immediate use….The methods incorporate left brain, and right brain aptitudes and even tap subconscious resources as well. It is a whole-mind, and and whole-being approach that is elegantly simple and broadly powerful simultaneously. I am keenly impressed….This book and information therein is A+. (A+ Information, A+ Delivery)

D. Byrd 

The Personal Power Roadmap is a system for problem-solving, decision-making, goal setting, and project development. It relies on three essential skills we are born with – imagination, cognition, and motivation, techniques for honing these essential skills, and exercises to show you how to use them. A unique, customizable chart (“Roadmap”) comes in four formats and can be used on multiple platforms, devices, or on paper.

Available as paperback, ebook, or audio bookFor author’s page click here.

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I started this book 22 years ago as a handbook for my Multidimensional Problem Solving students. I kept putting it aside. I have distilled into it the best things I learned about problem solving as an adult, because like most everyone else, I did not learn this growing up. I studied in the School of Hard Knocks, at random, as crises arose. Sometimes I swam, sometimes I sank, and sometimes I just treaded water, hoping to be rescued.

The result is one method you can learn once and use for the rest of your life. I use it all the time. It works.