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“This book is easy to read, easy to follow and provides a way of getting your head in a place where you can really improve your life. It’s like having your own therapist without all the complications.” — Dr. Bruce Leckart, Ph.D.

“The Personal Power Roadmap is a concise and practical ‘how to do it’ guide I highly recommend to my patients and others. This book with its tools and chart is an easy to learn method that works for many kinds of problems, for the individual or couples or even groups.” — Solomon “Sandy” Perlo, M.D., Psychiatry and Chronic Pain Medicine

“The Personal Power Roadmap is an essential tool in every process leader’s tool chest. This tool unlocks the problem solving potential in every individual, removes the procrastination, fear and anxiety often associated with dealing with problems. It enables you to resume control. The most exciting thing about this tool is that everyone who embarks on this journey, regardless of their age, profession, or background, will achieve excellence in effective problem solving.” — Marta Vukasovic, executive with a Fortune 100 company

“By the end of this book with its honest and humorous life stories, you will have a new confidence in your ability to manage the various obstacles in your professional and personal life. The tools will help you create that fork in the road you should be on.” — Rebecca Kitchings, Entrepreneur and Small Business Owner

“I love her book! In easy-to-understand and skillfully conversational language, the author provides a psychologically sound crash course on coping and problem solving skills. Practical exercises, such as visualization techniques, engage the reader quickly in valuable self-reflection — bringing about inner change. Her strong emphasis on personal responsibility in regards to life’s problems is like a fresh breeze to even the most stubborn of problems, leading the reader to a proactive stance. Problems are re-framed as possibilities, and the author proves her expertise in counseling and couching through evidence based action steps. This is a great book for anyone who is struggling to create necessary changes or anyone stifled by procrastination. Highly recommended! This book instantly moved into my personal tool box of supportive materials for my own creative pursuits.” — Veronika Stutz, Personal Trainer/Coach

Reviewers have this to say:

  • “Here is a magic box to open and find so many new tricks. With every page I turned I discovered a new way of looking at a problem. I felt I was learning something new in every few lines. The case studies add a great deal of support for the principles outlined….If you have great ideas that never get done, Marjory Harris offers a practical, replicable system to get you where you want to go.”
  • “I respect the author’s succinct delivery, and well planned structure directly aimed at quick absorption and immediate use….The methods incorporate left brain, and right brain aptitudes and even tap subconscious resources as well. It is a whole-mind, and and whole-being approach that is elegantly simple and broadly powerful simultaneously. I am keenly impressed….This book and information therein is A+. (A+ Information, A+ Delivery)”
  • I’m always looking for ways to work smarter not harder. This book combines clever techniques with psychology making it very applicable. In the Personal Power Roadmap, Marjory Harris has taken the concept of a map to create a system. And I love a system! She has broken everything down to make sure you don’t get stuck and included methods to get around the possible roadblocks, traffic jams and flat tires that you may encounter on your trip to success. Highly recommend!”
  • “This book takes roadblocks and gives you the tools to go through them. I recommend it strongly for anyone that has tried other books on self improvement without success. The down to earth examples and practical application are extraordinary!
  • “This is an amazing book that I highly recommend as required reading for everyone….Teachers should incorporate these ideas in helping your students plan and make choices.”
  • “If you’re stuck making the same mistakes over and over again or if you just can’t figure out how to approach your challenges with confidence and clarity, this book is for you.”
  • “Wow! This book is fantastic. Marjory Harris pulls out all the stops. This book is super practical with lots of easy-to-learn exercises and techniques. The associated bonus materials are first-rate. To be honest, I really wish I had these 7 steps 20 years ago! This book is for anyone who wants to be successful in life. With these 7 steps, “getting stuck” will be a thing of the past!”
  • “As someone who is both high-achieving and often plagued with decision fatigue, I was thrilled to discover the Personal Power Roadmap. Marjory Harris writes with authority about various issues that often interfere with our ability to take action and make good choices for our lives. If you are someone who values wisdom and action-oriented tasks, you will find this book to be a wonderful resource.”
  • “If you don’t have a plan after reading this book you simply don’t want to change. Everything is laid out clearly and concisely just like a map. If you’re an Evernote fan you’ll be able to incorporate this seamlessly.”
  • “Using case-studies and personal examples, she has created a fun and easy 7 step system which will help you avoid the ‘School of Hard Knocks’ and unlock the problem solving potential in every person, avoid procrastination, and make effective decisions to create unique opportunities in life. Her Roadmap tool is particularly helpful. I recommend this book highly for those who’ve tried other methods to turn their ideas into reality, and failed.”
  • “I was impressed by the clarity and the readability from the book. The author was very down to earth in the way she presented the content. It has always been difficult for me to take action….If you, like me, have problems with taking decisions and need some help, this easy to read guide will be your ‘bible.'”
  • “The chapters are laid out very clearly, with symbols – tools – for highlighting the different elements, such as stories and case histories, exercises, explanations and key points and action steps. That made it very easy to use and apply. I found myself picking up different ideas instantly which I could take practical advantage of right away. For example the exercise ‘Time Travel Technique – Looking forward, looking back’ made it really easy to write out goals and then the steps that I could take to reach those goals. I found myself feeling confident that I could set these goals and actually achieve them.”
  • “From experience and research, Marjory Harris has perfected a methodology that will help you move forward in solving your problems and reaching your goals. By using imagination, cognition and motivation techniques, Ms. Harris shows us that we no longer have to live in a cycle of procrastination or wondering why we aren’t living the life we want. Full of examples, scenarios and tools, Ms. Harris clearly explains how her methodology can apply to everyone no matter what the situation is. This is a book that everyone can benefit from.”
  • “Must read if you keep coming up against the same problems and need a fail safe system to tackle these.”
  • “This is definitely a hands-on book. It not only gets you motivated but gives you tools and a plan to get you on the road. Appropriate title. Excellent book!”
  • “Much more than a self-help guide, it is a dynamic tool for personal transformation. Combining experience-tested strategies, easily followed point-by-point techniques and poignant case histories of life’s “flat tires,” Ms. Harris offers examples and exercises to build self confidence as well as a simple, proven path to change. Her techniques make problem solving, goal setting and successful project creation a natural part of daily life. Highly recommended!”
  • “As a mental health therapist, I love how the author gives you cognitive behavioral therapy techniques in a very practical way that would help anyone looking to change their thought pattern in order to become an effective problem solver and decision maker. Marjory also shares lessons she learned during her many years of experience as a lawyer and successful person in the workforce. I wish I would have read this book when I was coming out of college and making decisions regarding my career! Great read and very informative!”
  • “I wish I had read this book 10 years ago. It might have altered the decisions I had made.”
  • “Marjory Harris has written an action filled book that provides the reader a proven roadmap to getting unstuck and to take action in a wide variety of situations. Msn. Harris does more than provide generic steps for the reader, but she also provides a plethora of stories drawn from her vast experiences in life and work. Everyone can gain from reading this book and even one tip is worth its price to get you living a powerful and free life!”
  • “This book lays out a well-organized, step-by-step structure for tackling and resolving big, complicated problems. Examples are clearly differentiated from key ideas, and the author provides worksheets so you can actively solve a difficulty of your own as you read. Great for people who thrive on logical structure.”
  • “The author has delivered a highly effective system that allows the reader to work through anything that comes along.”
  • “It is written in a clear and easy-to-understand format, plus the actionable steps and bonuses she included really enhance the book.”
  • “I like her “essential skills”: imagination, cognition and motivation. She shows how to use these skills to develop the personal power to overcome any obstacle you face. Very good read.”
  • “This really is the Roadmap to problem solving for anyone, at any time, with any issue. It gives you directions, just like a map, to solving issues as they arise and is created to be a part of your daily life, therefore helping to prevent any major problems in the future, and having the skills necessary to steer your life in the right direction. This is not just for problems, but also for creating change. In many ways its like having the map book with the Travel Guide attached : sharing lots of hints and tips and great things to do to to get more out of life. REAL SOLUTIONS are offered in this book!”
  • “A wonderful book with step by step practical advice. I’ve read many motivational book but most only talk of the theory, here Marjory talks the reader through tackling and resolving issues we may be facing in a practical way. Good book to invest in, it helps and guides us towards our goals which we may think are beyond our reach.”
  • “Research shows we often miss reaching our goals because they are too vague or big. Marjory’s Personal Power Roadmap directly addresses that problem. … the way she lays it out in her easy-to-follow book makes it simple to implement with professional and personal goals. Using question sets and emotion gauges, she helps the reader take a big goal and chunk it into smaller, more manageable components. This then makes the activity more doable while reducing the potential for runaway doubt and negative self talk (referred to as NATS in the book). She clearly lays out the what and the how for each step, provides examples and stories, and guides you through the development of your own roadmap. Using the three essential skills of imagination, cognition, and motivation, her process guides you through the process of mapping out a future state and provides tips for how to course correct without the entire thing falling apart when encountering obstacles that will invariably pop up along your journey. ..As a therapist, I endorse this process. I think Marjory’s roadmap is an excellent resource for between session activities for clients. I found the “hat” exercise particularly useful for clients (and us!) because it facilitates the process of sorting and organizing thoughts and feelings in a way that avoids them becoming overwhelming when pursuing a new goal. Do the work and you will get results personally and professionally.”
  • “Great step-by-step common sense approach to solving many of life’s problems. It helps you systematically break down problems that keep getting you bogged down – no matter age or gender. The progress charts you make will help you see your improvement as it develops. Change is never easy, and the book addresses how to put off the stalling mindset will fall into. The book has the potential to positively change the course of your life.”
  • “Love this book, it gives you clarity and a plan how to stay on track on your way to success.”
  • “Personal Power Roadmap is one of the most useful and well-written books I’ve read so far this year…. I’ve been using decision-making aids like a list of pros and cons for years. However, this book takes the concept to new heights and adds other complementary techniques and exercises that make the pro-con list method even more effective….I was impressed by the wide range of topics that could be addressed with this method. This is one of those books that I will turn to again and again in the future.”
  • “This is a great book for helping give structure to your dreams. There is genius in simplicity and the author gives simple, yet powerful steps. I am glad to recommend this book!”
  • “I usually postpone or try to avoid tasks that I don’t particularly like, but after reading this book I am excited to have shifted my perspective and start taking action right away! I highly recommend this book for anyone looking to put a stop to unnecessary procrastination, and wanting to work on achieving their goals straight away!