About The Personal Power Roadmap

The Ultimate 7 Step System to Effectively Solve Problems, Make Decisions, and Reach Your Goals


The Personal Power Roadmap is a practical, proven multi tool for making decisions, solving problems, setting goals, and creating projects. It’s a 7-step system that relies on three essential skills we are born with – imagination, cognition, and motivation, techniques for honing these essential skills, and exercises to show you how to use them. A unique, customizable chart (“Roadmap”) comes in four formats and can be used on multiple platforms, devices, or on paper.

You only need to learn one method, one time. Whether you use it alone, with another, or a team,  it works. “This tool unlocks the problem solving potential in every individual, removes the procrastination, fear and anxiety often associated with dealing with problems. It enables you to resume control. The most exciting thing about this tool is that everyone who embarks on this journey, regardless of their age, profession, or background, will achieve excellence in effective problem solving.” — Marta Vukasovic, executive and team leader with a Fortune 100 company.

Author Marjory Harris has been a social worker, lawyer, counselor, and founder of Multidimensional Problem Solvingsm, the predecessor to The Personal Power Roadmap. She has a master’s degree in psychology and a juris doctor degree in law. For 50 years she has helped others discover their innate abilities and a fresh perspective on life. She is committed to finding practical, real-world solutions to problems and empowering others to take effective action.

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