Templates for The Personal Power Roadmap Chart

The chart is unique, customizable, and comes in five formats

The Personal Power Roadmap chart is what makes the Personal Power Roadmap 7-step system the most effective way to solve problems, make decisions, set and reach goals, and create projects. The chart is unique, customizable, comes in four formats and can be used on multiple platforms, devices, or on paper. Read Chapter 3, “The Power of the Roadmap Chart,” to learn how to use the Personal Power Roadmap for different purposes, what formats are available and how to store your Roadmaps. You will see examples of Personal Power Roadmaps to plan and track effective decision making, problem solving, goal setting, and project creation.

Word:  The Word template comes in both landscape and portrait orientation. Click to download portrait or landscape.

PDF: Download the pdf version.  

Mind Map: Download the mind map template. To use with Xmind, a free program, go here. Click to enlarge image.  

Evernote: Download the Evernote template. For the Evernote template in sections and detailed instructions for how to use the Personal Power Roadmap in Evernote, go here. If you are not an Evernote user, try the free Evernote app. 

OneNote: Go here for how to use the Personal Power Roadmap in OneNote.